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Review - 10236 Ewok Village

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本帖最後由 Jared 於 2013-7-14 04:03 PM 編輯

The Ewok Village won’t be released until September but the Lego Group is kind enough to provide us with a copy of 10236 Ewok Village. I am so thrilled by it and I have to say this is an amazing set with great (and new) parts, 17 great minifigures and hours of fun build that you won’t want to miss!

This set reminds me of set 8038 The Battle of Endor. Both sets are based on the final scenes of Episode VI, but the Ewok Village is on steroids! The build is solid and the village is really aesthetically pleasing. Literally every part of the set is action packed with surprises for youngsters and grown-ups. Builders can easily relive the scenes of the capture of the Rebels, the attack on the Empire, the post-war celebration, and of course, god C-3PO telling the tales of the rebels' adventures (just to name a few).

We shall start the review with the box. The cover art looks just like the forest moon of Endor while the back makes you drool over all the cool features, as always. The Ewoks have done a good job equipping their tree houses.




The model is separated into 3 instruction booklets, 12 numbered bags, an unnumbered bag, and a loose plate. For sticker-haters, there is a small sticker sheet which you can really live without (I haven’t applied it).

The adoption of mini-builds first, consolidation after, makes it possible to share the building experience with your friends. I built this model side by side with a friend, Timothy, and we both enjoyed it very much (We didn’t count the building time, but sure it took quite some time even with two builders, and you won’t want to rush through it).

The minifigures

We got to meet our new friends as we progress along the build as they come in different bags (Kinda feel like an Advent Calendar to me).

First off, the Imperials:

Even with the battle packs, one may never get enough of them. I am really impressed that LEGO is printing the heads of the troopers (Although I don’t really remove the helmets for most of the time), it is this attention to detail that separates it from other toy brands.

The Rebels and the droids

The Ewoks

5 Ewoks! Each with different colors and torso design! Look at their hats! Oh boy...

The Skywalker family

Leia looks really nice in this hairpiece and outfit and the two Skywalkers have 2-sided heads. I wonder why Han doesn’t get a 2-sided head as that’s going to be a problem as you read on...

The build

Bag 1 starts with a speeder bike and a catapult. I like the catapult a lot because of the way the firing mechanism is triggered (push it down and it bounces back because of a rubber technic part at the bottom, throwing the rock. Simple and elegant solution).

There are 4 trees in the model, but you won’t feel bored for building the same thing for 4 times because each of the trees has its own secrets (watch out for the tree trunks, Scout Troopers), There are hidden slide, rammers, secret tree hole and I am not going to spoil the fun by revealing all of them here.

It’s a trap! No... it’s a slide...

The Ewoks have mastered the SNOT techniques very well a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. The trees look organic thanks to the use of many SNOT parts, which should be welcome by MOC builders:

Look at that sand green brick!

After the completion of the tree trunks, we moved on to build the platform where our little furry friends tried to sacrifice Captain Solo.

(Look at those dark tan angled wall pieces at the corners...)

The technic backbone of the platform is strong and not bulky. The flexible hoses make good curved railing (You may want to bend them a bit before putting them on). On top of the platform are fully furnished and cozy tree houses (Each of which has a unique function, I will leave them for you to explore on your own) which I want to move in.

The parts

The color selection is natural and wide. While the model adopts an earth tone, there are reddish brown, dark brown, tan, dark tan, dark orange, medium dark flesh, dark green (the leaves) pieces here and there to make it lively. These parts should come in handy for forest / castle / landscape builders.

There are no bulky pieces to complain with and there are great pieces that come in rare colors. In addition, you gotta love these new parts:

After all these years, this should save quite some troubles!

A side mirror for car builders, perhaps?

The finished model

The completed village is magnificent and cries to be played with. In addition to the play features that we talked about earlier, you can...

Capture a Wookie...

Climb the ladder and get a good view (Nice bridge btw)...

Tie up some Rebels and cook some meat (See the problem that I mentioned earlier? Han is always smiling!)...

Float around gracefully and... scream?

And beat the Imperials like drums (Fantastic dirt details on the Stormtrooper helmet)!

To conclude, while this 1990-piece set is not the largest set in the Star Wars Universe, it is definitely one of the most detailed and fun build in years. The techniques adopted are advanced but not too challenging for young builders, making it a good play set for bigger kids. For collectors and adults, you get a nice collection of minifigures, lots of useful parts, and a beautiful display for any cabinet. This set does not disappoint and I would definitely recommend it.

Written by Jared Chan @ Legend Bricks, July 2013


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As promised earlier, here are some additional photos of the Ewok Village in all its glory:

First off, a brighter image of the full set:

And then we have another image of the full set... wait, something's wrong... the tree houses are facing the back! All trees house except for the one with the slide can be rotated to allow easier access, which is great for players with limited table space.

Spoilers alert! Below are pictures of the interior of the tree houses:

Ewok Village furniture isn't designed for humans (This reminds me of Snow White and the 7 dwarves ;-))

The Ewoks are well prepared for battle, here's another rock thrower on the tree top:



Kiss kiss (What are you two doing here? We are at war!)

Here's pic of the leftover after completing the set, it's really generous of LEGO to include extra black ropes and reddish brown hoses, I love them:

I hope you enjoy these additional pics, thanks for reading and see ya!


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